Sunday, October 5, 2008


This is a picture of me in my previous birth.In this life I was born as an Indian but according to the Nandi Leaves, it reveals that in my previous life I was born as a tribal chief among the Nevaho Red Indians in Nevada. It seems I have seen many battles and the American colonialists were fearful of me!The ancient chart reveals that in one battle, about 10,000soldiers fled from me when I started howling like a wolf!!

Whatever the truth is- I certainly do hope that this is my last REINCARNATION.
(I do hope that you like my earrings, though!)

Next to me was my wife.She is carrying her ancestor's ashes on her head. Wherever she is- I certainly hope she does not look for me.


Fishkastika said...

Nadi leaves are never wrong, especially if you roll them up and smoke them.

francis said...

Yes, there is a close resemblance of you. But your wife, she is charming.

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